Explosionproof Temperature Sensors

Since early 2012, we have been producing various explosionprotected resistance thermometers and thermocouples certified to the ATEX (ATmospheres EXplosibles) directive 2014/34/EU for temperature measurements in liquid and gaseous as well as dusty media. Previously only certified for intrinsically safe circuits of category Ex i, our assortment now expands to temperature sensors certified for Ex d (with pressure-resistant encapsulation) as well as Ex nA and Ex tc (without type testing certificate).

Our explosion-protected temperature sensors are designed as resistance thermometers or thermocouples and used in the classical industries of chemistry, petrochemistry, mechanical and systems engineering, food industry, crude oil and gas mining. They convert the temperature at the measured site into an electrical value (voltage, resistance) and serve to measure, register and control temperatures in the range of -196 °C to
approx. +1800 °C in connection with the corresponding downstream units.

All GÜNTHER ex-sensors are built so that they cannot serve as an ignition source – even if any errors occur.

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