Our new product range: Intrinsically safe temperature sensors

We have been building electric temperature sensors for 45 years now. Our company focused initially on providing temperature sensors to industrial furnace producers, but in a very short time we were able to offer our products to almost any other branch of industry. Today we are one of the best temperature measurement technology producers in the world.

In 2012 we introduced a wide range of special resistance thermometers for all branches of industry where explosion-proof measuring and control equipment is required.

In 2011 we introduced a Quality Management System compliant with the ATEX (ATmosphères EXplosibles) Directive 94/8/EC, which is a requirement for the production of homologated sensors. To stand up to the rapidly developing market and accommodate for the diversity of technological solutions, we are focusing on constant development of our products and diversification of their individual applications. Therefore, we will extend our offer in 2013 offering a wide range of intrinsically safe temperature sensors and resistance thermometers both for conditions endangered by firedamp and for conditions containing combustible dust.

Our EX-sensors are applied in classical sectors such as chemical and petrochemical industry, machine and installation constructions and crude oil and gas production industry.

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