The new GÜNTHER-App: ThermoDragon

This free application provides assistance with numerous industrial temperature measurement calculations.

For instance, when measuring temperatures using thermocouples, the app will calculate the appropriate thermoelectric voltage to any defined temperature (and vice versa) or the resistance value when measuring with resistance thermometers.

ThermoDragon will also provide you with all relevant parameters, such as the upper and lower limits of the acceptable tolerance area as defined by the respective tolerance class. Additionally, the app provides assistance in linearisation when using measurement converters by automatically calculating the corresponding output signal strength for any temperature and vice versa.

Test our new app right here in your browser on our website:

ThermoDragon (Browserversion)

You can also download our app ThermoDragon for mobile devices on your market place for apps.

The new GÜNTHER-App Thermodragon

The new GÜNTHER-App Thermodragon