Resistance Thermometers with Machine Connectors

This type of resistance thermometers with threaded sockets are used for temperature measurement of liquids in regions with vibrations and challenging surrounding media up to a temperature of 200°C.


Advantages of Resistance Thermometers with Machine Connectors:
  • Resistant to Vibrations
  • Quick Connection of Cables and Sensors
  • Constructed in High-Grade Steel (Sealed, Hygienic, etc.)

The most common application areas among others are machine construction, industrial, food and beverage systems. The electric machine connector M12x1 guarantees high-level protection (IP65) and comfortable connection of cables and sensors using a 4-pin plug.

Pt 100 2-wire measuring elements are standard implementation, tolerance class B pursuant to EN 60751. It is possible, however, to implement Pt 500, Pt 1000 or specialised sensors (also as double version). Also, a transducer may be fitted inside the connection head.

Application Examples:

  • Tanks and Containers
  • Machine and Plant Construction
  • Technological Processes
  • Energy Production and Distribution
  • Food and Beverage Industry