71-KFT / 72-KFW

Cable Thermocouples and Cable Resistance Thermometers

Sensors of this type are primarily used for temperature measurement in liquid and gaseous media. However, there is a broad palette of configuration and construction options that can be adapted to specific applications. Due to their make-up, these sensors may be used in temperature ranges between -200°C and +400°C.


Advantages of Cable Thermocouples and Cable Resistance Thermometers:

  • Reliable, Partly Watertight Construction
  • Broad Selection of Configuration Options

At the point where the sheath meets the cable, the sensors may be equipped with a teflon coating (moisture protection) and/or springs (cable break protection).

Other Types of temperature sensors, similar to plug-in resistance thermometers, are referred to by their construction or mounting type, respectively their area of application. For example:

  • Surface Sensors
  • Contact Sensors
  • Pipe or Tube Sensors
  • Threaded Sensors
  • Welding Sensors
  • Acid- and Oil-Tight Versions are Possible

Application Examples for Cable Thermocouples and Cable Resistance Thermometers:

  • Piping
  • Machines and Devices
  • Heating Units
  • Ovens
  • Freezers
  • Liquids
Cable Temperature Sensors are mostly in use in following industrial branches: