60-WTH / 60-TE

Thermocouple Assemblies and Resistance Thermometers with Bayonet Nut Connector

Sensors with bayonet nut connectors are recommended for measuring temperatures inside the blocks of machines, mechanisms and die cast forms, primarily in the plastic industry, at temperatures up to 400°C.


Advantages of Sensors with Bayonet Nut Connectors:
  • Reliable construction
  • Bending resistant cabling
  • Class 1 for type J and type K (High measurement precision)

The form of the measuring tip is mostly half-round, planar or with a point angle of 118°. The latter aligns itself very well into a standard bore hole.
The sensors are fitted with a pressure spring that, in combination with the correct installation length, respectively contact pressure at the installation point, protects the cable from deflexion. The installation length is variable, limited by the length of the pressure spring.

The standard mounted measuring elements are Pt 100: 2-, 3- or 4-wire, accuracy class N pursuant to EN 60751 or thermocouple
types J and K in class 1. Double versions or the application of special sensors are also possible.

Application Examples for Thermocouple Assemblies and Resistance Thermometers with Bayonet Nut Connector: