Screw in thermocouples

Thermocouple assemblies with threaded socket (14-TES) are used for common temperature measurement in low-pressure gaseous, liquid and plastic media environments, depending on the properties of protective tube and surrounding media up to a temperature of 1200°C.


A threaded socket is welded to the protective tube, providing for the stability of the process connector in this component assembly. Depending on the application, the socket is welded to the protective pipe either directly beneath the connection head or with a gap of 100 or 200 mm, for example.

The protective fittings are usually made from a single seamlessly drawn high-grade steel tube with a circular blank welded inside.

Optionally, our thermocouple assemblies with threaded sockets may be fitted with in an internal ceramic tube, which significantly  increases the long-term stability and electrical insulation of the measuring thermocouple in many application scenarios.

Application Examples for Thermocouple Assemblies with Threaded Socket